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Campbell Signs
1865 12th St. SE
Salem, Oregon 97302

Phone 503-363-1311
Fax 503 370-7224
email: CampbellSignsCo@gmail.com

OPEN 9:00 am - 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm   Monday-Friday


Campbell Signs, a division of Campbell Communications Company, incorporated in 1982 at Salem, Oregon. Located in the beautiful northern Willamette Valley region, approximately 45 miles south of Portland.


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A unique commercial sign facility, unlike most "electric only", small or just "vinyl" sign shops located throughout the U.S., our staff, services and products combine old world signage techniques and materials with the most modern sign methods and innovations. "Signs from A to Z", we like to say are available right here. Some traditional sign making techniques include hand lettering, air brush, sign sandblasting or routing, screen printing, gold leaf, glue-chip, stage blasting, aluminum casting, hand carved or cut-out letters. More modern methods employ plastics, die-cut vinyl, reflective and other specialty films that are self-adhesive and applied to backgrounds and materials. Powder coating, anodizing, casting, computer routing, laser or waterjet cutting as well as digital full color printing is available.

       THE EDGE
ur past, combined collectively, represents well over a hundred years of sign making experience. This translates to long lasting relationships with our customers who have come to appreciate the difference between pushing a button for a computer generated sign that is all to common or ineffective to one that is thoughtfully created. Utilizing all the elements of good design, use of fonts and graphics, combining white space and color, selecting the correct materials, results in the full benefits of a well executed, economical, and effective sign.

hen choosing a sign maker for your job you should always consider: 1 -experience and creativity; 2 -familiarity with old as well as new techniques and materials; 3- a staff large enough to produce your signs when you need them;  4- multiple design choices, consultations, and interaction with you;  5- cost effectiveness of the final product; 5- ability to produce, ship or install in a timely and professional manner.  We think you have come to the right place, when you visit us at Campbell Signs.

This is who we are and what we do. We design, estimate, survey, prototype, procure, manufacture, fabricate, produce, deliver, ship or install by cutting, priming, painting, sheeting, applying, air brushing, hand lettering, screen printing, printing, casting, etching, routing, sandblasting, engraving, shearing, punching, cutting-out, polishing, brushing, contouring, outlining, shading, blending, shadowing, sanding, staining, mitering, radiusing, gluing, processing, computer generating, scanning, feeding, importing, reading, deciphering, calculating, spell checking, editing, proofing, surfing, sawing, edging, adhering, bending, flaming, inventorying, welding, embossing, digging, erecting, cleaning, removing, overlaying, drilling, attaching, repairing, refurbishing, packaging, loading, order writing, phoning, paging, verifying, e-mailing, faxing, billing, record keeping, accounting, credit card processing, drinking coffee and sharing good times with friends, and having just the best time at a craft we all love.

Here are some of the markets we produce signs for:  New small businesses, old established businesses, hospitals, airports, colleges, schools, restaurants, builders, developers, the trades, real estate, retail, homeowners, apartments, malls, manufacturers, semi's/haulers, high-tech, car buffs, tow trucks, telecommunications, food producers, nurseries, gyms, insurance ,doctors, attorneys, CPA's, auto dealers, bankers, transportation, government, organizations, associations, churches, ....actually the list could go on forever...we have produced signs large and small, one or in the hundreds, for virtually every type of business.

Materials we can incorporate for sign use may include: wood, redwood, cedar, plywood, plastics, PVC plastics, corrugated plastics, ABS, acrylics, polypropolene,  styrene, polycarbonate, mylar, engraving stock, foamboard, ultrafoams, high density foams, vinyls, polyesters, reflective sheeting, paper, cotton, nylon, felt, canvas, poster board, magnetic, chalkboard, masonite, neon, argon, steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, galvanized , glass, mirror, gold, silver, vinyl banner, tyvek, marble, granite, tile, corian, brick, stone, concrete, rubber ...yes, even rubber, and many others.

A sampling of types of signs include Exterior and Interior, Lighted and Unlighted, advertising signs, informational signs, wall signs, window signs, door signs, vehicle signs, truck lettering, fleet graphics, pole signs, electrical signs, neon,  plex sign faces, channel letters, monuments, free-standing, wall plaques, desk plaques, badges, banners, directories, tabletops, P.O.P., ID signs, parking signs, traffic signs, warning signs, ADA/Braille signs, displays, tradeshow signs, conference signs, fair & expo signs, flags and pennants, decals, show signs, posters, stencils, lawn signs, displays, construction signs, temporary signs, political signs, real estate signs, sale signs, magnetic signs, A-frames, boat signs, bumper stickers, reader boards, plywood signs, dimensional signs, individual letters, murals, storefronts, and many, many others.  We have to stay on our toes with this variety, but the reward of seeing the extra effort pay off with our satisfied customers, makes our task one of the most fun and desirable careers in the land.

Yes, we are very competitive.  Didn't win the lottery this week?  We have the sign to fit your budget, High dollar or low dollar. Just getting started?  Want to really "Put on the Dog" !!!  A few signs are a buck a square foot, some are $100 or more per square foot.  Most are at the lower end of that scale.  Need a sign for only a few days, or for years to come?  Tell us your needs, we'll suggest the options, quote you the prices and get you off and running. 

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  COME VISIT US  in person, by phone, fax, or e-mail....
         we would love to see or hear from you soon.
Rick , Have Tank, Will Travel

503 363-1311
emEmail: CampbellSignsCo@gmail.com
fax 503 370-7224

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